About Us

Crooked Hook Charters, LLC was formed in January of 2010.  Captain Sonny Dean received his United States Coast Guard captains license in 2006.  Since that time he has run inshore fishing charters for Jesse's Trout Lodge in Bon Secour.  In 2010, we decided to make it official and take a chance on making a living fishing.  Even when the fish aren't biting, you would have trouble finding a more enjoyable profession!  Please don't be mistaken because he has only had his captains license for a few years.  His love of the water began long before that.  He grew up on the banks of Weeks Bay and actually lives in the house he was raised in.  His parents had him on a boat in Weeks Bay before his first birthday!  Today he and his wife, Shea, carry on that same tradition with their son, Brian.  If Captain Sonny isn't getting paid to fish, he is still fishing.